I seem to get too attached to people, in that, when I love someone I latch onto them. Like when I meet someone and they exhibit qualities I attribute to close friends and family I can’t help but force myself into their lives-as intrusive as that sounds. A conscious criteria I have based my friendships on for years; when I meet someone and it feels like I’ve known them for years and they feel like ‘home’. I seem to do a runner when I find myself in spaces that do not offer any comfort or safety, and I don’t mean this in a literal sense, but in a more sentimental way–comfort and safety offered through feelings and emotion. And when someone cannot provide this for me, I flee. This is a realisation that has come to me only recently and this is probably why I don’t have many friends, because I always run away from prospective connections merely on the basis that I do not see the people I already love in them.


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